Urology Seminar :: Duet Magna DSWL :: Innovative Technology for Kidney Stone treatment

Stiegel delivers a seminar to healthcare professionals in Ho Chi Minh City

Urology Seminar in HCMC


The seminar focused on unique innovative urology products by Initia/DirexGroup, a company with a 25 years of innovation, distribution in more than 70 countries, assembly in the US and Germany, and Research & Development Center in Israel:

  • Renova– Linear Shockwave Therapy for treatment of ED (CE Approval)
  • Themis– Holmium Yag 30W Laser (CE and FDA Approvals)
  • Integra– Linear Shockwave Lithotripsy (CE and FDA Approvals)
  • Duet Magna– Double Shockwave Lithotripsy (CE and FDA Approvals)


Introducing DUET MAGNA Lithotripsy: 

Duet Magna for Kidney Stone Treatment

Combining the electromagnetic technology and the double shockwave concept, the Duet Magna delivers clear and unique advantages in the field of shockwave lithotripsy for kidney stone treatment:

  • The only dual shockwave generator in the world
  • Two simultaneous electromagnetic shockwaves

Reducing Kidney Damage

An Indiana University study on Double Shockwave Lithotripsy (performed on the Duet Magna’s predecessor device) showed a 5-fold reduction in kidney damage*.  “The lesion produced by 2400 SWs (1200 SWs/head, power lever 10) at120 SWs/min in alternating mode was quite low (0.22 ±0.09% FRV) and compares favorably with the lesion (1.08 ±0.38% FRV) produced by 2400 SWs delivered with the HM3 Lithotripter at 120 SWs/min (23kV)…” *Handa et al. Journal of Urology, February 2009

 The Butterfly Focal Area

The Duet Magna is equipped with two reflectors and performs Double Shockwave Lithotripsy (DSWL) from these two sources.  DSWL results in the formation of a unique Butterfly Focal Area that concentrates pressure to the stone from two different angles and spreads the “head and tail” of the shock wave volume to reduce the risk of kidney damage.  In fact, the Duet Magna roughly converts the focal volume to a sphere, which is considered the ideal focal volume for lithotripsy.   The Butterfly Focal Area is superior to the conventional ellipsoid, or “cigar”, that only utilizes the central section of the focal area.  This renders the “head and tail” of the focal area useless in terms of stone disintegration and only contributes to kidney damage.

Distribute the Energy to Reduce Renal Damage

The Duet Magna, like its predecssor, the electro-hydraulic Duet, causes significantly less kidney damage than treamtents with a single reflector. The clear advantage of Double Shockwave Lithotripsy lies in the fact that the total number of shocks is divided between two areas of the kidney so that only half of the shocks propagated towards the stone pass through the lower part of the kidney, while the other half pass through the upper part.

For Live presentation of Duet Magna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1_VkypxcG8

For video of Duet Magna key features: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxHMG5YAYlg


For more information: info@stiegelconsulting.com


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