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Jensen Agency, specializing in Hospital Laundry Equipment is awarded to Stiegel for Vietnam & Myanmar.

The JENSEN GROUP is the market leader in the laundry solutions for medical facilities and organizations.Jensen Training Yangon

Senking MediLine – the best solution for the highest hygiene requirements
JENSEN has developed the Senking MediLine tunnel washer in line with the increasing hygiene requirements that have come about in recent years. The current prevalence of dangerous viruses is resulting in the hygienic requirements and legal regulations found in most areas of life becoming increasingly stringent, particularly in the field of hospital supply products.

Jensen Southeast Asia director joined our team in Yangon, Myanmar, for a training session.

Training session for our Vietnamese team will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, in March 2014.

 JENSEN offers customized solutions to fit client needs.  JENSEN flatwork finishing lines offer highest productivity with lowest media consumptions. Our competence in the field of separating, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking of flatwork is confirmed in the technology, the flexibility and ergonomy. Highest performance and excellent quality since more than 50 years – that‘s flatwork finishing made by JENSEN.

Jensen flatwork lines

JENSEN flatwork lines: Highest quality, flexible use

One solution is continuous batch washers, which offer optimal hygienic standards with very low use of water and energy. The heart of each continuous batch washer is its drum with the patented eccentric Archimedian helix for the most efficient washing action and secure transportation of linen. Whether you want to process batch sizes from 25 to 120 kg, heavy soiled laundry or hygienic textiles: our tunnel washers will do the job. 


 Customized to fit the organization: Senking continuous batch washers

JENSEN also provides equipment options for folding, stacking and sorting the complete range of dry wear in the flatwork sector. The modular construction allows individual machine configurations and fulfils all requirements placed on today‘s laundry automation.

Jensen Butterfly Tematic Pro

Rational Towel Folding without Presorting: Butterfly Tematic Pro

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