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Telemedicine Solutions at the Medi-Pharm Expo in Ho Chi Minh City

We chose the Medi-Pharm Expo this year to launch our Telemedicine solutions platform.  The seminar was delivered to hospital directors, physicians and technology specialists.

In essence, Telemedicine bridges between patients and healthcare providers through the use of technology.  Telemedicine applies advanced telecommunication technology for diagnostic, monitoring and treatment follow up purposes.  Telemedicine solutions facilitate conferences and consultation with medical specialists located in different locations.

Tele-Cardiology applies the same principles, focusing on servicing cardiology patients with various conditions, including acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, and more.  Tele-Cardiology can achieve extended survival and improvement of patient’s quality of life.

Tele-Cardiology units come in many forms, about the size of a mobile phone:

  1. Remote arrhythmia monitoring- a 1 or 3 lead small transmitter is worn by the patient.  If an arrhythmia event occurs, it automatically transmits the event to a monitoring center for immediate review.
  2. A mobile 12 lead ECG unit that enables early detection of a heart attack or cardiac event.  Once the patient performs the ECG, it is recorded and transmitted to a control center within seconds, where medical experts analyze the ECG and advise the patient in real time if the ECG is fine, or if they must seek medical care immediately.
  3. A new addition to this field is a smartphone with health capabilities.  The smartphone has embedded sensors that facilitate multiple tests, including ECG, body fat, heart rate, stress, blood saturation, blood glucose, temperature and more.

For more information on telemedicine solutions and tele-cardiology units visit us at www.stiegelconsulting .com and Contact Us.

aug11Telemedicine Solutions Seminar

IMG_1078Medi-Pharm Expo, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

IMG_1129Telemedicine: Healthcare and Technology meet


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