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May 2013 Insightec in VietnamInsightec agency launched, Medi-Pharm Expo, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Insightec’s ExAblate is known as “The Operating Room of the Future using MR-guided focused ultrasound”.  ExAblate offers treatment for multiple conditions:

  1. Functional brain disorders (CE approved)
  2. Facet rhizotomy (CE approved)
  3. Osteoid osteoma (CE approved)
  4. Uterine fibroids & Adenomyosis (CE & FDA approved)
  5. Bone metastases (CE & FDA approved)

ExAblate for Women Health

1st stage in Vietnam, approval has been obtained for treatment of Uterine Fibroids, Adenomyosis.  The procedure is:

  • Incision-less (non-invasive) surgery
  • No anesthesia
  • High safety
  • No hospitalization
  • Patient return to normal activity the next day
  • Eliminates symptoms of excessive bleeding, pain, bloating, incontinence

See the technology, meet a patient:

Insightec has received global recognition for its breakthrough innovation:

  • Business Week “one of 25 ideas for a changing world”
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation bronze medal
  • European Union  IST grand prize for  “innovative products and service to mankind”
  • The World Economic Forum “Technology Pioneers,” developing and applying “highly transformational and innovative technologies”
  • Frost & Sullivan Technical Innovation Award in field of non-invasive medical devices for outstanding industry achievement
  • Time Magazine “One of 50 best inventions”

Operating Room of the FutureInnovative Technology: Operating Room of the Future

ExAblateInsightec Medical Equipment

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