Stiegel Seminar:: Financing Solutions for Medical Facilities::Medi-Pharm Expo, Hanoi, Vietnam

Stiegel Financing Seminar at Medi-Pharm, Hanoi, Vietnam

IMG_3267Financing Solutions Seminar presented by Stiegel

Medical facilities need to keep up with technology.  Periodically, they also need to invest in renovating the facility.  At times, they also look to expand and build new facilities.  Our aim is to consult medical facilities and find financing solutions, from medical equipment acquisition to full hospital turnkey.

Medical facilities looking to acquire equipment come in three forms: public hospitals, private hospitals,  and , Public Private Partnership, known as PPP.  Options are available for each of those clients through:

  • Multinational Financial Organizations-

–      Global outreach, dealing with institutions in Israel, Europe, North          America and Asia.

  • Multiple financing options with customized solutions-

–      Multi-million dollar Protocols between countries

–      International & regional bank agreements

–      Financing insurance agencies

Beyond financing, there is also the option to bring in investors.  This is usually most suitable for private sector.  In all cases it is important to realize that financing and investment opportunities may be available subject to due diligence process.

IMG_3221   IMG_3248   IMG_3237Medi-Pharm, Hanoi: Financing equipment to hospital turnkey

The seminar this year was delivered by Stiegel executives from headquarters, Ho Chi Minh City, and our newly appointed Hanoi Manager.  For more information, Contact Us.

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Our Team:
– Talented executives, managers, experts and consultants from Asia, North America, South America,
and Europe, who have been operating in the global markets since late 1990s.

Our Services:
– Business Planning, Management and Investment Consultation
– Medical Facilities Solutions, from equipment acquisition to full turnkey hospital projects
– Financing consultation to clients on deferred payment options available through international financial
organizations and regional and bi-lateral agreements.

Our Clients:
– Based in in multiple countries, multiple continents, in a wide range of sectors.
– Fully committed, establishing regional offices, local dedicated teams and strategic alliances, facilitating
effective and efficient targeted service.

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